Healing Heartbreak/Breakups/When To End It

By January 10, 2018Videos

Hello Love!

Heal Heartbreak/When To Leave

Today let’s talk about a broken heart.

Let’s talk about disappointment, betrayal, rejection, dashed hopes and dreams and all the other not so fun elements of loving and being loved.

Today we are going to dive deep together into the essence of a broken heart, how to work with it and how we can use situations that would usually turn us inward and shut us down as tools for opening up and becoming even softer, kinder and more resilient.

Then we are going to explore how to know when and where a relationship needs to end/you need to end it and when it is time to stay, stick it out and learn what still needs to be learned.

The heart teaches us about our resiliency, if we don’t put our armor up so as to resist the situation ever happening again.

Learning when to stay and when to leave - even if there is still love between you is also a huge and important lesson to traverse.

There is much to learn in the broken heart. Let’s explore together.



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