How I Am Learning To Take TRUE Responsibility For Myself:

Hey Love - Ready for a paradigm shift?

I learned in my childhood that my needs got met through my caregivers.

I learned that their approval of me was the deciding factor in whether or not my needs got met.

I was incapable of meeting my own needs at the time, so the ONLY way to feel safe and secure, the only way to get what I needed in life was to be what my caregivers wanted me to be, so that they would love my and therefore provide for me.

As an adult, I carried this mindset forward.

I learned to manipulate myself and others in order to get THEM to meet the needs I had that for the most part, I was unaware I had.

On this path, I have learned that taking responsibility for myself is about growing up. It’s about maturing PAST the idea that it is the job of others to meet my needs, maturing past the idea that others ‘know better’ than I do, that if I am rejected I will die - and learning that as an adult now it is MY JOB to acknowledge who and what I am, and to provide for myself.

Taking responsibility was about letting go of the idea that my parents were coming to rescue me. It was about letting go of the idea that if I just became ‘perfect’ I would be perfectly loved and therefore perfectly provided for.

This is not easy. It can be incredibly painful in fact. Let’s dive deep together and see how we can navigate this.



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