How I Manifested My ‘Ideal’ Life

Hello Friend!

I practice everything I preach. My life has been filled with MANY challenges, as well as MANY privileges. I've been deeply harmed by society, traumatized, misunderstood and therefore not given what I needed to thrive and survive. I've also managed to figure out how to live in this world that exists while being who I am - even when that who I am was deeply opposed to the status quo and required that I get abandoned, rejected and go things alone.

I've had to face losing everything I held dear. I've also had help on my path that made it WAY easier for me to get to where I am than it would be for the majority of others living on this planet.

My story is a mixed bag - relatable to some, totally un-relatable to others. The same as many in some ways, totally outside of normal in others.

All that being said - I believe that there are BASIC PRINCIPALS that I have followed that have allowed me to utilize my privilege and overcome the challenges that are applicable to all. I have walked a particular path that has made me overarchingly more aware, more harmonious with life itself, less harmful and more attuned to my own needs - which has given me the power to be more attuned to the WORLD and what it needs and where I can serve t make this place a little better. Things I believe we ALL have access to in our own way.

This work of self love won't get all of us to the SAME place. It's not a cure all and the answers to all of our struggles RIGHT NOW. It doesn't remove challenges. It doesn't even guarantee that we will get where we want to go - but it DOES promise PROGRESS. It does bring more PEACE. It DOES bring more POWER.

I'm going to share more of my journey with you today, in the hopes that my story will bring some light bulbs to you - where you can apply the principles I've used to help myself in your life, in the context of YOUR journey - not to look like or end up like ME - but to look like and end up more of YOU - your potential. Your right life. That which supports your growth and that allows you to be a support for growth at large. We will be exploring PRINCIPLES over PROTOCOLS - so you can get to where YOU need to go.

Self love WILL work for you - you just have to be open to the unique path it's going to take you down.

The tools are the same for all of us - the outcomes are going to vary widely.


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