How The Education System Gives You A Learning Trauma

By January 26, 2018Videos

Hi Beauty!

Last week we touched on some of the fundamental learning traumas that have affected most people starting in early childhood.

We covered how we all get traumatized when our parents project their adult understanding onto us as children, assuming that when we make a mess or are in the process of learning something that we must be being manipulative/unthinking/stupid - and so wind up showing us from very early on that making mistakes is not ok and that it makes love go away. On top of that we are not given the opportunity to rectify our mistakes so we end up feeling like if we mess up - that’s it. It’s over.

We also talked about the trauma of being told that there is an end destination we are going to arrive at where learning stops and we have it all figured out - which leads us ALL to feeling like we are inadequate if we are still learning something.

Today we are going to explore the actual education system and how book learning has messed up our capacity to actually learn at all. We are going to explore the reason so many of us feel like we can’t learn from reality, and why ‘information’ is hypothetical not practical or useful for most people. We are going to look into one of the reasons you may not be able to ‘do better when you know better’ - and how to start working through all this.

Learning to be ok with learning is a huge task, but if you can do it, life will be way more fun.