So It Actually Feels Better

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In todays video, I talk about how to deal with criticism in a way that will actually leave you feeling better, rather than worse or neutral.

There are a lot of teachings out there now that tell us that when someone criticizes us, it is about them and not about us. That we should just assume they are projecting and not take it to heart.

The only problem with this?

It doesn't really work.

This way of thinking never really leaves the person who got burned feeling better.

For a moment unloading all the responsibility back to the person who insulted you can feel good. It can feel like a relief. But usually you will still end up thinking about what they said, wondering why they said it, trying not to let it 'get' to you and so on.

Either that or you do take the criticism to heart, and end up feeling hurt, insecure, and wondering what is wrong with you.

That is why I wanted to make this video.

There is a way of looking at criticism that does not involve total ownership of what was said, or total rejection.

In this video I share why some comments hurt, or seem to 'stick' more than others, and what you can actually do to feel better when you receive negative or hurtful comments.



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