How To Deal With Pain In An Evolved Way:

Hello Beauty!

Most of us have one of three reactions when we feel pain:

  1. We blame ourselves/go into shame and guilt. ‘What’s wrong with me? What did I do wrong? I am going to be an inconvenience to others if I am in pain!”
  2. We blame OTHERS. Projecting our pain onto friends, family, governments, institutions - anyone or anything ‘out there’ as the reason and the thing that needs to change to free us.
  3. We go in to victimhood and hopelessness. Feeling that we are always going to be in pain, there’s no way we could solve it, pain is just inevitable and we have to just deal with it forever.

Today, I want to explore WHY we react to pain in these three ways, and how we can use the self love path to help us EVOLVE our interaction with pain.

Through this evolution, we will be EMPOWERING ourselves to find ways of interacting with pain that DON’T leave us feeling guilty or shameful, that don’t put us into a victim state and that help us find our EMPOWERMENT within what we are expecting so we can find TRUE PLEASURE.

It is a journey. Let’s dive in together so that we can start to use pain as a catalyst for true change - not just a weapon against ourselves.



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