How to get out of the Anger/Hopelessness Spiral

Hello Beauty;

Has this ever happened to you?

Getting to a place where you are starting to recognize that you have anger inside of you - anger that you used to think was to be directed at YOURSELF - that inner shame/inner critic/inner judge - that you FINALLY are able to see is actually mad at THE WORLD.

Where you started to see that maybe, just maybe, what your caregivers, church, schools, governments and other authority figures taught you to believe about yourself and the world is actually WRONG - and in fact REALLY disempowering - and in many cases ABUSIVE towards who and what you really are.

And then, just as quickly as you were able to tap into that anger, instead of finding hope, motivation for how to change and be different, empowerment or answers on how to move forward - instead you fall into a kind of deep, dark hopelessness.

A hole where you only feel depressed, lost, lonely and totally confused.

If you resonate with this, I hear you.

If you watched my video where I talked about letting myself get MAD at my caregivers - and society - for all the conditioning and painful core beliefs they handed me - you will know that I believe allowing ourselves to really FEEL our anger is SUPER important in the integration and growth process.

That being said, I also know how SCARY and CHALLENGING facing our anger can be - and I know that a lot of the time rather than moving THROUGH anger to seeing what we need to do for ourselves - to seeing where we have empowerment - we get caught in cycles where we slip ‘backwards’ into feeling helpless and hopeless.

Today, I want to share with you WHY your anger keeps leading you to hopelessness rather than to empowerment, WHY you get caught in loops of feeling anger, then depression, then anger again, then hopelessness - and so on - and exactly HOW to break the cycle.

Your freedom is on the other side of anger, the hopelessness is working to protect you from getting to that other side - for a good reason.

There’s nothing wrong with you. Let’s dive in and talk about what’s really going on.


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