Negative habits. We all have one or two.

Bad habits can range from being simply annoying - like biting your nails - all the way to totally self destructive like smoking or alcoholism.

Some of the more common negative habits I see are things like over spending, over eating, judging our bodies and ourselves, people pleasing and chronically thinking 'negative' thoughts.

And as anyone who has ever gone on a diet, tried to quit smoking or tried to curb their spending habits knows, change can be hard!

Even if you are well aware of how much your bad habit is negatively affecting your life, it can still be really hard to change directions.

In this video series I am going to give you my top tips for successfully transforming your negative habits to help you foster more joy, love and enjoyment in your life.

Change may be difficult, but there is a way of going about changing that can actually yield successful, long term results.