How To Have Desire Without Going Into ‘Lack’/Superstition. Ask Aliyah Anything

Hi Beauty.

Here’s the deal.

We, as a humanity, still have a lot to learn about desire.

For most of us, to have a desire is actually a pretty painful thing. TO see that we want something we don’t have, generally gives us feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness, fear, doubt and a feeling that what we DO have is simply not good enough. We can be in places where our desires are being born out of dissatisfaction with what we have, but we don’t ‘really’ know how to create something new.

Or, we can get into superstitious thinking that it is just our ‘vibration’ that needs to change. It can feel really good to think that if we just ‘feel’ good all the time - feel the end - and never allow ourselves to feel negative or admit that not having what we want hurts - the universe will send us our desires.

As though the universe is so silly as to think that if you feel badly that you don’t have something, that this is really what you desire, and so it will keep giving you NOT what you want.

Today, lets explore WHY desire is so painful, why we get superstitious about how we are going to ‘manifest’ what we want - and why there is actually no real magic in creation.

You’re ready to step out of spiritual childhood and into true reality.


video one on desire:

video two on desire:

My health journey part one:

Part two:



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  • Dave says:

    Hi Aliyah
    Thank you for your videos, I found you through your video; The LAST Video On Manifestation You Will Ever Need, which i found helpful although prompted some questions that I’ve always struggled with such as how to generate those thoughts and beliefs that I desire in the current, meaning believing that they already exist, which in turn will make me excited to ‘drive forward’ with action and ‘discover’ opportunities that I may not have seen or found before.

    I’ve struggled for years with this because maybe my experiences have dampened my emotions or I’m just more solution orientated to problems than emotional, my brain flicks straight to “right, what shall I do” rather than “Oh my, this feels…” This has been how my mind has worked in emergencies or problems but hasn’t worked to drive me forward with success etc.

    So when I attempt to ‘visualise’ and believe it’s already reality, my brain, thoughts etc are battling that because I know it is not true and that is NOT the reality, and also seems so far fetched that it seems unbelievable, especially at my age of 49 and never had the things I’ve wanted – there is so much ACTUAL experiences that any attempt at trying to inform myself that everything is good or that I own a certain car (when i currently own none) and I have enough funds not to worry (when on benefits and broke) or that I see my children regularly (when they live far away that I’ve not seen them for years) seems just so far fetched against the reality, that visualisation just has never worked or I’ve just not been able to do it, or keep it up, because I keep telling myself or my brain keeps saying “No, that’s not how it is”

    Years ago, I was involved with a network marketing business (never achieved anything) but I did read a whole load of positive and success books and tapes but again they never got me over the fear I always faced of rejection or the belief that I could actually have far more than I’ve ever had, and that’s the same even now.

    The only thing I have been able to try over the last 15 years or so, is online marketing and making income with different types of websites – all have failed and now have decided about a Blog or Authority Website for income but again cannot get started through the thoughts of “what if the name i choose is crap”, “can i even write for a living” “will it be any good” “I’ve never written or done a blog so why would it work or why would people read it”?

    Yet I have been ‘studying’ and reading other people’s experiences for years and a few years ago thought I’d follow this person’s teachings and he seems trustworthy online and to follow his teachings, but the doubts still stop me getting going and instead I just read, and read and watch videos. I could probably tell others’ what to do but cannot take the steps myself.

    The blocks seems to be continuous and “How on earth can I be successful in this field when other site owners out there are far better and more experienced than me with existing high volume traffic already, so would people visit mine”? Also this type of business as you know can be years before any results show so that means it could be a waste of time and I become in a false belief that it’s just in the early years so visitors will come in time – but what if that doesn’t happen then I’ve wasted another few years (I’ve lost/wasted the last 10 years anyway through inaction and my health getting worse with multiple ailments)

    Also after watching your video above, I am wondering if you’re saying the whole ‘Secret’ and frequency and vibration etc thing is just a bunch of rubbish and now slightly confused about your first video now where you said about still getting the visualisation and feelings from that point to move forward – even though I seem unable or not capable of doing that.

    I really hope to hear back from you Ali as I’ve asked questions to other people online before and it seems they ignore my queries especially if they can’t or don’t want to answer or help. After watching your videos you seem to be a whole higher level than others’ so hope to hear back, and apologies for ranting on and ‘dumping’ a load of info on you if that’s how it seems, just trying to get my ‘story’ out in the least amount of words.

    Many thanks again Ali

    Best wishes

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