How To ‘Help’ The World Without Going Into Shame/Savior-ism

Hello Lovely!

We all want to see a world where everyone is free.

We all want to do what we can do to support those who are currently being oppressed, denied rights, denied freedoms or otherwise abused.

We all want to feel like we're doing all that we can to support the changes we want to see in the world.

With this, it's super easy to slip into feeling like we're not doing enough. With all the access to information we have these days, it can be incredibly overwhelming to work with just how AWARE we can be when it comes to the tragedies, injustices and corruption in this world. It can feel like we are looking at a never ending list of causes, campaigns, programs and opportunities to serve - and in this we can easily find that we go into fight/flight/freeze.

It can be really difficult to figure out where we can be of service, how we can be of service, where we can give and where we should pull back.

It can be really easy to feel like we owe the world, like we're not doing enough, like we're BAD for not getting involved in everything. At the same time, it can be really easy to slip into a savior mentality, seeing the world as a place filled with people who NEED us to RESCUE them. Both of these states are ultimately unhealthy for us and for those we're looking to support.

Today I want to dive deep into how we can navigate this idea of serving where we CAN, supporting where we CAN, doing what's practicable for the liberation of all beings - while not going into fight/flight/freeze/over-giving or falling into a savior complex.

I want to offer a re-frame on our desire to support so that we can have a new FOUNDATION upon which to move when we're looking to help create the world we want to see - and I want to explain why this new foundation will be so useful in figuring out how we can give to the best of our actual ability.

We are here to support one another - in the ways we CAN and in the ways that allow for all to be EMPOWERED and LIBERATED.