How To Live Your Potential/Purpose:

Hello Friend!

Purpose, passion and potential.

Big words with big connotations.

Many of us in today's world feel that living a simple life isn't good enough. Success isn't good enough either. We are now living in a world where the baseline expectation is that we should be finding our purpose, living our potential, living in a state of total self awareness and PASSION at all times.

We are being bombarded with messaging that tells us that we are 'born for something bigger' and 'meant to do great things'- which can be positive but at the same time can mean that we have excessive anxiety and feelings of failure when we don't feel so clear. So great.

In today's video I hope to dispel some of the myths around living a purpose and potential reaching life. I want to share my experience with discovering my 'passions' and why the over commoditization of the human being may be to blame for feelings of not knowing what you are really here to do.

Let's dive in together to find some relief in the constant barrage of messages telling you that you're not good enough or living how you should be, shall we?

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