How To Start Loving The Parts Of Yourself You Hate/Fear The Most

By July 14, 2017Videos

Hello Beautiful.

If you have been following along with the ‘self love’ work we have been doing here, you are most likely familiar with the idea that there is nothing about you to fix or change, and simply everything about you to love and embrace.

Intellectually you understand that there is logic behind the idea of embracing your shadow.

You can see with your mind that resisting the parts of yourself that you hate, that you fear, that you feel are getting in your way are not helping you to move to a new place.

You ‘get’ this stuff.

But there is still a part of you that feels stuck.

That is SO afraid to love the parts of you that you feel are hurting you. Are messing up your life. The parts of you that feel SO down, so much pain, so much fear, so much numbness.

There is still a part of you that as you approach loving any of these really hard core aspects, that recoils. That says ’no - I can’t. I won’t. I don’t want to.’

There is a part of you that really just wants to keep fighting to get rid of these parts, because they are so clearly the source of your pain. You feel the risk of loving them, the task of loving them is just too hard. Too painful. Too scary.

I hear you.

I have been there.

Today, lets explore together how to start breaking down those super thick walls around these really deeply feared and hated aspects, so that you can start to make this self love thing a real thing.

You can do this.