How To Take Responsibility WITHOUT Going Into Self Blame:

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'Why am I continually attracting this kind of situation into my life?'
'What false belief do I have that's making me do this thing over and over?'
'What's wrong with me/what am I doing wrong that I keep getting into this kind of relationship/job/health problem and can't get out?'
'Why do I keep manifesting/creating this for myself?'
This looking to take responsibility for ourselves so we can 'empower' ourselves out of pain can often times simply be self abuse/abandonment/shaming cloaked in new age empowerment. When its really a childhood trauma response.
When we're in pain, it's fully normal and natural to want to figure out how to make the pain stop. This is wired into human/life nature and will ALWAYS be a part of life.
When we look at human beings, we know that we have the capacity for pattern recognition, for witnessing WHY something hurts and how we can behave in different ways so as to avoid future pain - this is called learning and it's a great thing!
But for many of us, this desire to take FULL responsibility for our lives, to look at ALL of our pain as something WE are CAUSING - is actually a childhood coping mechanism that isn't helping us in our adulthoods the way we think it is.
Today I want to talk about how we can take responsibility for ourselves and our lives WITHOUT accepting BLAME for things that actually aren't our fault/our Creation. I want to talk about the nuance of personal freedom vs. the trap of believing we are in complete control. I want to talk about a strategy to use when you are feeling REALLY caught in a loop of experience and continually looking for what it is in YOU that is the cause - leading you into spirals for personal growth/improvement modalities that never get you anywhere.
Let's explore how to take responsibility in a truly adult way - where we can recognize trauma, patterns, cycles, lineage and where we have the power to shift vs. where we need to embrace life how it is and see that it ISN'T our fault/doing.
There is lots of nuance here - so let's dive deep!


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