How To Tell If Your Spiritual/Self Love/Personal Growth Practices Are Working:

Hello Friend!

There are SO many spiritual, self help, self improvement, mastery and otherwise 'wellness' practices available to us these days. So many different teachers, guides, texts, interpretations of texts and opinions on what we 'should' be doing.

There are a million different ideas about what constitutes a 'true' spiritual practice.

What ways of eating, moving and sleeping will lead to a healthy body.

How we should be breathing, starting our days, ending our days, moving, speaking, thinking and engaging with the 'outside' world in order to find bliss/health/happiness/spiritual connection.

Everyone has an opinion, a story, data, science and anecdote to support their 'theory' of what is truly useful.

At the same time, we are seeing SO many people come out with their stories of how seemingly helpful teachers/teachings/practices actually led to harm. We are seeing a flood of individuals speaking about how they thought they were 'doing the right thing' or 'following the right teaching' only to end up WORSE, more traumatized, more dysregulated, less connection to themselves and spirit than ever.

Everything seemed fine on the surface - but over time were revealed to be either not useful at best, deeply abusive at worst.

So how do you know if you are engaging in the right practices for you? How do you know if the teachers or teachings you are following are actually serving your growth vs. playing on your trauma/conditioning? How do you know if you're on the 'right track' vs. just doing what you're told and feeling that consensus reality 'hit' from feeling accepted or like you're following the rules right? How do you know if what you're engaging in is ACTUALLY helpful to YOU?

That's what we are going to explore today.