How To Tell Real Growth From Fake Growth

By March 2, 2018Videos

Here's the deal;

This life is all about growth.

We are here to change, evolve, expand and become greater and more profound versions of ourselves.

We are here to do what we are doing, take the information from it, and then evolve what we are doing. To move into higher orders of complexity, order, structure and creativity in our lives.

We are meant to move from a place of being in what looks like a big mess, into a state of less and less mess, more and more freedom. Less and less confusion, more and more clarity. Less and less fear, more and more understanding and awareness.

At the same time, we all know how easy it is to ‘trick’ ourselves into thinking we are growing - to convince ourselves that we are doing something ‘new’ when we are really doing something old in a slightly different way. It is easy to tell ourselves we are moving in a direction of more order and freedom - only to find that we are actually just as chaotic and neurotic as we ever were.

It can be SO EASY to feel like you are moving in a direction that is bringing things into balance, when in fact you are simply feeling the nice feeling of comfort and familiarity in doing what you have always done.

So what’s the deal? How the heck do you tell real growth from fake growth, when fake growth feels so good? When real growth feels so scary and risky?

How do we do this path without simply feeling totally pushed over the edge all the time?

How do we get on a path of truth growth without tricking ourselves?

Today we are going to explore this. One step at a time.

Real growth is subtle at first, and so can be difficult to see. But once you know what to look for, this whole game gets way easier.