How To Transcend ‘Living From Fear’

 Hello Love!

There is SO MUCH talk in the spirituality and wellness worlds around 'not living in fear.'

Choosing LOVE over fear.

Obviously this sounds like an amazing and helpful idea - but what does it really MEAN/

Because we are all afraid. And we have a natural human impulse to fear things for a very GOOD and NORMAL and HEALTHY (not to mention evolutionarily useful) reason.

Yes, fight and flight - the nervous system reaction to perceived or real threat - does lower our I.Q. It puts us into a very specific mind-state that tries to simplify reality, focus our vision onto a narrow band of incoming information and it causes us to REACT from nervous system programs rather than from what may be actually happening in the moment we are in and from what would actually be truly USEFUL in the present moment.

Generally speaking, living from fear is living from programs. It's living from ILLUSION much of the time - perceiving threat where there isn't one, or at least incorrectly perceiving threat leaving us helpless to move forward in life in a truly pragmatic way.  This living in fear is a form of living our projections of reality - what once happened to us that we didn't understand that we are now on the lookout for constantly - and therefore trapped in loops of stimulus-response that seems totally logical and reasonable to us in the time - but that serve to keep us stuck in painful and often degrading situations.

Transcending fear is not about learning how to SUPPRESS our ear response. It's not about DENYING fear. It's not about forcing ourselves into uncomfortable situations - looking to 'push past' our comfort zones. It's not about denying body sensations nor is it about following body sensations at the expense of logic and reason (as though the body is something that we FULLY understand and that can NEVER lie). Living a non-fear based life isn't about transcending emotions nor is it about bending to our every emotional whim.

Today I want to give you a PRACTICAL guide for working with your fight or flight response so that you can actually start to live from LOVE. Which is really just a state of being open, present to what is, capable of LEARNING, and then doing NEW THINGS that MATCH our continually UNIQUE set of circumstances. It's about constantly growing so that we can always be evolving our relationship to ourselves and reality to be more constructive and less destructive. Less repetitive and more expensive. Less knee jerk, more evolved thinking. Less projection more discovery. I have some truly PRACTICAL steps you can take to work WITH your nervous system so that you can find this LOVE state in your everyday life - in the face of all the chaos and unknown of this life.

Ready to dive deep with me? Let's do it.