Humanity Shares ONE Core Wound That Will ALWAYS Be Reinforced:

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We all think we have unique 'core wounds.'
That we have many different 'false beliefs.'  That these false beliefs then lead us to choose situations and realities that reinforce our negative self/world view - leaving us trapped in our wounds forever.

These false/painful beliefs could be:

'I'm not good enough.'

'I'm not lovable.'
'I'm never going to have what I want.'
'I'm never going to be happy/free.'
'No one will ever love me. I'm going to be alone forever.'
'I'll never have what I want.'
'If I love myself enough, I will never need love from the outside again.'
'If I heal myself enough I'll never experience pain/trauma/negative belief affirming experiences again.'
Life coaches, therapists, spiritual gurus and everyone in between are working diligently to try to help us 'deal with' these painful beliefs - but what happens when no matter how much you work on yourself, no matter how much you love yourself, how much you try to 'heal' your wounds, no matter how 'consciously' you enter into traumatizing situations trying to change the outcome to 'heal' the wounds - you just end up experiencing the same pain/rejection/loss/failure over and over - proving to you that your belief ISN'T false and the world is actually just painful?
Today I want to clear this all up. To explain that first and foremost, none of these things are your core wound or your true false belief - these are all stories ON TOP OF the core wound. Second, healing that core wound is actually something totally different than trying to tell ourselves a new story that feels better. It's about learning how to embrace a harsh reality of life that is REAL - that we then navigate to find freedom, rather than 'overcoming' at all.
It's a total paradigm shift.
Humanity has ONE core wound upon which all painful beliefs are built. Until you get to facing the root - you are pruning a rotten tree. Once you face the root, you and actually CHANGE it - but rather your RELATIONSHIP with it.
It's not about changing your beliefs. It's not about re-experiencing trauma to prove to yourself something is not true. These things are part of it - but not IT IT. We gotta look at the ROOT if we want to make real progress.
Let's do that together today.

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