Hustle Culture Is Killing Us

Hello Beauty!

If you watched my last video, you know now why the idea that it is ‘spiritual’ to be rich, why having more than we need, why taking more than we need and why thinking that by having more than we need we are going to become some sort of positive influence on the world is all false and harmful.

In todays video, I want to dive deeper into why we are all so attracted to these abundance teachings - and more specifically why we are all attracted to/bought into the idea that hustling, working really hard, pushing ourselves to be constantly in a state of productivity and finding SELF VALUE in doing all these things is part of the reason we live in a world where so many have so much less than we need.

I want to explore why over working, over producing, finding value in being ‘productive’ and so on puts us in a position of supremacy - which is incredibly harmful no matter what.

I want to explore why pushing ourselves to produce beyond what we need to do to survive comfortably FEEDS the systems of slavery, poverty, crime and trauma we have, and how there can be no other way. Why pushing ourselves the way we do FORCES those who are less resourced than we are to HAVE to hustle just to make ends meet. We are making it impossible for people to get ahead when we push so far past doing just what we need to do to have enough.

Let’s dive deep into why the idea of being constantly productive is deeply harmful and disconnects us from the realities of our actions. Why it’s not our fault that we are so easily tricked into believing it is selfish or lazy to rest and not strive for more, and why this mindset is driving us crazy.

There is a lot to dive into.

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