If God Doesn’t Know Everything, How Am I Ever Going To Reach My Potential?!

Hi Beauty;

A few videos ago we were talking about desire.

In that video, I mentioned that because you are a unique individual, who has unique desires, that is going to interact with the reality in a unique way - all of this being something that has NEVER occurred in reality before - that even God or Consciousness doesn’t have a TOTAL picture of how you are going to reach your potential.

Due to the fact that in order for life to be life, there MUST be new experience - and if consciousness already ‘knew’ the ‘new’ experience that you are meant to have as an individual, this would disqualify it as being ‘new’ - this means that there must be elements of your life that are yet unknown to any part of consciousness.

With this, there comes the fear ‘if I don’t know how I am going to get to my potential, and GOD doesn’t know how I am going to get to my potential - then how the HELL am I going to get to my potential?!”

If this is you - if you are feeling that to entertain the idea that God/consciousness/universe doesn’t have all the information and is learning right along with you - makes you feel hopeless, scared, lost and like you may as well give up - then this video is for you. I this idea makes you feel that there is now no higher wisdom for you to tap into, and that you have to go it alone - please listen in.

Just because it’s not all known - just because you are going to have to figure things out - does not mean you potential isn’t possible, or that there isn’t a higher vintage point to tune and tap into.

There is still a road map, it’s just not what you think.



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