If We Are Supposed To Know How To Meet Our Own Needs – What’s The Point Of Relationships?

Hello Friend!

Today I am going to talk about interdependence.

I'm going to talk about what relationships look like when we know how to meet our own needs.

Why knowing how to meet your own needs DOESN'T mean that you are fully INDEPENDENT and never interact with/need something from someone outside of yourself ever again. Why relationships that are based in our awareness of our own needs and our awareness of how to meet our own needs DOESN'T equal meeting all of our own needs in a SOLO manner.

I want to dive into what it means to be in a new level of relation that isn't based on NEED MEETING - but about expansion, exploration, growth and fun. Why learning how to meet your own needs actually ENHANCES your experience of relationships rather than making them unimportant.

We are going to explore together what it means to understand your own needs and get them met based on CONSENT rather than expecting other so figure us out/meet our needs intuitively. Why being a mature adult doesn't equal never requiring anything from anyone ever again.

We are an intimately connected human race and we always will be. Interdependence isn't INDEPENDENCE.

Let's sort through the black and white thinking so we can find the true middle ground - relationships that are growth based!