If You Skip This Step On The Self Love Path, No Other Step Will Work

Here’s the deal friends.

Do you feel like you are ‘failing’ at self love?

I know I talk a LOT on this channel about getting ‘messages’ from your negative emotions, about learning how to learn from painful things, about how everything is information and just here to teach us.

I talk about self love being the capacity to see where we are seeing things incorrectly and having the ability to change WITHOUT making that change mean we were WRONG before.

I talk about self love being something that will catapult you INTO change, not something that then leaves you stagnant and just as you are for the rest of your life.

And I know a lot of this just sounds super confusing. I know you may have tried to sit with your negative emotions, to see the lessons in your pain, to find the things you need to change without making that change mean you are fucking your life up - and found that all of this doesn’t work.

You don’t get messages. You don’t see the lessons. You don’t feel good.

Life stays being painful and you keep feeling like you are doing self love wrong now.

If this is how you feel - I totally understand. I want to give you today the most important FOUNDATION for this work that is the KEY to all of the other things mentioned.

If you want to learn, grow, change, evolve and expand, if you want to hear from your negative emotions, if you want to be able to change without feeling like you were fucking your life up before - this video is for you.

This is the step that makes all the other steps work. Without this, you will be stuck in loops of self hate forever, thinking you have failed at self love.

This is the key.

Let’s get to it.



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