Is it Manifestation/Magic/Personal Choice? Or Just Access, Wealth and Privilege?

Hello Love!

"You can have ANYTHING you want! It's all about setting your goals, setting your intention, aligning with your highest purpose and walking in your truth.

If you do the above things, you can manifest the most amazing life.

You never have to get sick, You never have to struggle in your relationships. You never have to struggle with money and you can be sure that you're doing what you LOVE and making a DIFFERENCE in the world while being ABUNDANTLY supported at all times.

THIS is a life that ALL of us can have - so long as you're willing to 'do the work' on yourself, to have the right mindset, to trust God and to let go."

Have you heard some variation on the above from the instagram influencer you're following?

Have you been convinced that life can and SHOULD be 'magical' - filled with all kinds of happenstance, provision, opportunities, synchronicities where you have the POWER to control your destiny at all times?

Have you ever been told that if you're struggling in any way - with your finances, in your relationships, in your body, with trauma...- that this is ALL a result of your choices?

If so, you've been sucked into the influencer vortex. You've been pulled into the whirlwind of hyper-spiritualized 'sovereign' lifestyle coaches who are here to tell you that God is always listening to your thoughts and vibrations, and that you can ALWAYS simply CHOOSE to take the right steps that will lead you to a life of freedom from suffering.

And they KNOW that what they are saying is TRUE because THEY have experienced it! (Or so they say.)

The problem with all of this?

A lot of what is being sold as magic, the result of 'alignment', spiritual happenstance and the result of good choices - is ACTUALLY just people with high levels of access, wealth, privilege and support not realizing that their experience isn't the universal experience and that their 'tools' aren't magic at all.

Today I want to talk about the difference between magic and access - and why it's SO important to determine where your coach/guide is coming from when they are telling you how to create the life of your dreams.

Wealth and access solve a lot of problems in ways that can look like magic. We need to be clear on what's actually happening in our lives and in the lives of those we're taking advice from to make sure we're actually being given tools that will be REAL tools for us, rather than being led down a rabbit trail because we aren't living in the same conditions as 'they are.'


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