Is it REALLY Spirituality? Or Is It Just Capitalism?

In our world today, we have a LOT of people preaching things like 'abundance is spiritual' and 'when you step into your purpose you will live the life of your dreams!'

We have a lot of people talking about 'manifestation' and that when you get your 'vibration right' you will 'attract' to yourself only good experiences and will be able to avoid all negative ones.

We are seeing lots of self help/spirituality gurus telling us that those who are the most spiritually aligned are also the ones who are most successful by the metrics of Western Culture which values wealth, luxury and independence above most, if not all other things.

There is a large movement that, in all honesty has been around for a long time, towards the idea that the more you are finding your true spirituality, the more you should be experiencing all the good things that our current culture has to offer - mainly finding 'community', having access to safety, having access to pleasure and luxury and being in a general state of peace because the world around you is supporting you.

We are seeing a huge trend towards needing to have many items that 'show' that you are a 'spiritual' person, making sure that we dress the part and making sure we have all the right 'tools' and have attended all the right gatherings in order to 'really' be on the path.

There are a lot of people who talk a big game, who know the 'language' so to speak - and toute that THIS is what it is to be 'spiritual'.

Now the question is - IS any of this ACTUALLY spirituality? Are we looking at a real path to peace, are we looking at a real path to self awareness and a real path to awareness in general - or is all of this really just our capitalist systems convincing us that spirituality and consumerism are the same thing?

That's what we're going to talk about today.

Is any of this true spirituality? Or is spirituality being co opted by our systems of consumption and production to such a degree that we can't even tell the difference anymore?


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