Is The Law Of Attraction Making You Scared Of Your Own Thoughts?

By March 11, 2015Videos


Today I wanted to share with you a video I made on The Law Of Attraction.

The Law Of Attraction, for anyone who is wondering, is the universal magnetic power that draws similar energies together.

In layman's terms, the Law Of Attraction states that like attracts like.

It explains why, when you are feeling sad, you tend to see more and more things in your reality that make you sad. It explains why people with similar ways of life tend to congregate together, and why the rich tend to get richer and the poor get poorer.

All those energies, those vibrations, are matching one another.

Now, if you have ventured into the metaphysical world at all, there is a good chance that you have been introduced to this law as a way of creating a life that you love.

You have been taught that what you think about on a consistent basis creates your 'point of attraction' -meaning it is creating that energy within you that aligns with the energies of the things around you.

You may have been told that if you want more money, you need to focus on the having more money. You need to think about having more money, think of what you would do with that money, think about how much money you want, and so on. If you want to be thinner you need to focus on the body you want to have, rather than on the body you don't. You need to think about your new life in your new body.

But what happens when you slip back into negative thought patterns?

What happens if you start to think negative thoughts about money, or your body, or your relationships or whatever it is you are trying to attract into your life? Does this mean you are doomed?

Do you really have to be so on top of your thoughts, lest you manifest a tornado or plane crash into your life?

If the Law Of Attraction has made you afraid of your own thoughts, then this video is here to help explain the truth about the Law Of Attraction a little deeper, and to help you ease your mind about the whole thing.

So what do you think? Feeling better about things? Let me know your thoughts below!



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