It’s Time To END The ‘Ego’ Paradigm, Once And For All

Hello Beauty!

What if it’s not your ‘ego’ that’s actually holding you back from anything - but rather your STORY about WHO YOU ARE that is holding you back?

What if you are never in an ‘altered state’ when you ‘bring things through.’ Never actually channelling anything. Never finding something outside of yourself - but rather simply relaxing your definitions of what you think ‘you think’, what you think ‘you know’, what you think ‘you are capable of’ - to reveal to yourself all the stuff that’s simply locked away in your ‘subconscious awareness?’

What if all the scary stories we hear in the spiritual world about our judgmental, unforgiving, combative, selfish, harmful, destructive, insane ‘egos’ are not the full truth - are rather an immature view of those parts of ourselves that are simply that - immature. Nothing to be eradicated. Nothing that separates us from God. Nothing that need be transcended or fixed before we can realize joy, freedom or liberation?

What if it’s all just the limiting stories you’ve been told about who and what you are that are stopping you from being your ‘higher self?’ And it’s not about getting RID of any part of you, but rather allowing yourself to ACCESS ALL PARTS OF YOURSELF, and then to MATURE ALL PARTS OF YOURSELF?

That genius you bring through? That’s all you babe.

The parts of you that are suffering, intolerant, filled with shame, rage and judgement? GOD. 100% God. Not in the way of God. Not outside of God. Not different from love or light.

It’s your ego. And your ego IS God - just in it’s immature state.

Let’s move past this idea that we have to transcend, get rid of or otherwise judge the ego as something other than God, so we can mature and integrate.



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