Learning To Live For How Things ARE Not How Things LOOK

Hello Love!

We live in a pretty chaotic world.

Which leads us all, at some point/at many points, to questioning what the 'right way' to live is.

We come face to face with the existential dread of being alive - the awareness of pain and suffering we can't control, and the desire to be/do 'right' in order that we can be rescued from this pain.

Fundamentally, we all want to experience a life where we feel like we're going to have what we need and that we're living in some way that has purpose.

For most of us, this is deeply tied to the desire to be 'good.'

This goodness desire is multifaceted - part of it comes from wanting to be part of the group in order that our survival and our social needs get met.

There are parts of all of us that search for security, goodness, meaning and purpose in the things 'the world' tells us make us 'good.' Things like wealth, beauty, status, power and access. We may even find that there's a tendency to want to 'spiritualize' these things in order to make them feel more all encompassing and to legitimize them.

Think 'the prosperity gospel 'and the idea that 'the more power you have the more good you can do in the world.'

We see much of our influencer boss babe/bro's occupying spaces where they are teaching these things - how to have the most MAXIMAL human experience with the most meaning possible. We follow these gurus and teachers searching for our goodness and purpose in the paths they are laying out - we look at the luxury and joy they seem to exude and we want that.

So we're willing to listen to what they say.

Sometimes our desire for goodness will lead us directly away from what makes us socially acceptable. Sometimes we live a life looking for goodness that takes us down a 'spiritual' path. Where we start to 'wake up' to the idea that the world isn't offering us what we thought it would, and we then turn to things like religion and other traditional practices to help us find what we're looking for.

We look to give up the world. We often look for a rule book or a person to follow - attaching ourselves to a leader or guru in some form or other or to a doctrine we've decided is 'truth' and in that we shape our lives.

Again, we're willing to listen to what is said.

Usually people flip flop between the two extremes. We look for the world to satisfy us, then we look to give up the world to find satisfaction.

We try to be in the world but the spiritual pulls us.

We try to be in the spirit but then we find ourselves working the world into the spirit to try to satisfy ourselves.

We justify, debate, suffer, are lied to, follow, are led down paths that hurt - never really getting what's happening and why.

The reason?

We're following how things LOOK vs. following how things ARE.

We're looking for a perfected path to follow that doesn't exist, and we're looking to the surface to find truth. We're relying upon logic alone and we're forgetting feeling. We're thinking short term and we aren't expanding our awareness.

We get pulled in a million different directions - all with their seeds of truth - but we can't seem to find a centre path to walk.

That's what we're going to dive into today.




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