Let’s Talk About Ego Death

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SO many spiritual teachers claim to have had an 'ego death' that led them to a PERMANENT state of unity awareness.

Where they fully LOST their individual sense of 'self' and now exist in a pain free, identification free zone of bliss and acceptance of reality.

Many preach that it is the identification with a self that causes us so much suffering - that if we could all just realize our 'I' self doesn't exist, we would all be FREE.

But is this true? Is this real reality? Ego death has been something spoken about for a LONG time as far as spirituality is concerned - so there MUST be *something* to it - but perhaps we are actually missing the forest for the trees when we talk about this subject.

Today, I would like to attempt to dismantle some of the myths around ego death. To explore why there is a degree of truth to this needing to let go of our obsessive self identification, and why getting 'beyond' yourself is a helpful TOOL on a path - and at the same time why this ego death experience isn't an ultimate end point, nor is it something we can actually abide in permanently.

I'm going to explore how this idea of ego death can be taken too far and used as a way to bypass integrating traumas - and so can be used as a tool for DISTRACTION not actual healing.

Let's explore WHY having an 'ego' can be so painful, and the more EXPANDED view of how to HAVE an ego AND unity awareness AND be in real reality all at the same time.

This is deep and nuanced stuff. Filled with context. It's not black and white.



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