Let’s Talk About Paradox And Journey:

Hello Love!

Our reality is deeply complex.

WE are deeply complex.

We have MANY spiritual teachers who teach on a specific subject within the spirituality world that claim that THEIR TEACHING is the ultimate thing to understand to have complete liberation - but then we find other teachers who teach something seemingly totally contradictory that are also claiming to have ultimate truth.

We can witness people having success in one way of living that is totally opposite to another way where there are EQUAL numbers of people getting success.

We can watch as people grow exponentially within the context of a certain teaching, but when we attempt to follow that same teaching we find that it doesn't work for us at all  - and in fact seems to make things worse for us.

All of this can make us feel like someone is right and wrong. That we are failing. That people MUST be lying about their experience or we must be doing things wrong.

Today I want to explain all of this. I want to look at why understanding and embracing both PARADOX in reality and JOURNEY are the KEY's to YOUR personal growth. I want to give you tools for navigating the complexities of this spiritual journey so that you can feel more empowered on your path.

Let's dive in together and see if we can't make sense of all of this!



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