Let’s Talk About ‘Toxic Positivity’

Toxic positivity is a real thing, and to be honest, it's a real issue.

Toxic positivity is really a whole belief system that's rooted in a few ideas:

The idea that anything and everything can be healed, the idea that we have ultimate control over our lives and that everything we experience is a result of our choices, the idea that we can all have a perfect life if we just try hard enough, the idea that there's always a positive perspective we can take when looking at anything in life and the idea that nothing 'bad' ever REALLY happens and it's all our ATTITUDE that determines our life experience.

Toxic positivity tells us that we can ALWAYS choose to feel good and that we can always choose to experience and create what we want - we just have to be willing to take responsibility for ourselves enough.

Toxic positivity can SOUND a lot like empowerment at first - and it also helps to shield us from looking at the harsh realities of life - both in our own lives and in the lives of those around us - and a lot of the time it's a mindset that actually keeps us complicit to the harmful systems we exist in without even realizing it.

Toxic positivity can make us feel like anything is possible, and it can give us a lot of false hope that actually distracts us from being able to take the power we DO have to make things BETTER and instead drives us down paths that we think are going to take us to an 'ultimate' place that is not actually a reality.

Toxic positivity oftentimes is totally invalidating of people and their lived experience - and it causes a lot of harm.

So let's explore all of this today.

Let's dive into why toxic positivity exists, why it's harmful and how we can spot it so that we can balance seeing the good and being in the good without going into a space of delusion and denial of reality.


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