Liberation From ‘Not Enough’ Mentality – How To Stop Feeling Inadequate

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Our world is run on the idea of 'not enough.'

We are constantly being told that we aren't enough by society. That we aren't doing enough. That we aren't attractive enough. That we aren't helpful enough. That we aren't rich or powerful enough. That we aren't buying the right things, doing the right things, contributing the right things.

Many of us FEEL this deep, soul crushing sense of inadequacy that no matter WHAT we do, we can't shake.

We try to love ourselves. We try to accomplish more. We try to rest. We try to use mantras. We go on the spiritual retreats and do the 'inner work' - and still - we feel like we are coming up short. We try to tell ourselves we are enough, that we are doing enough, that we're producing enough - and yet we feel lack. We feel like we don't have enough. That we aren't living up to some phantom expectation. There's always MORE we 'should' be having/doing/being.

Most of us couldn't even define what 'enough' would be. We just know we don't have it/aren't it.
This culture that we live in has intimately tied our productivity/capacity to consume with our WORTH and our VALUE. These things - the idea that our BEING can be given a MONETARY value - has permeated ALL aspects of culture - from the abundance mentality spiritual teachings to the corporate culture of straight up consumerism.
THIS is conflating what true value is. This is obfuscating what 'enough' actually is.
Today I want to help us all unwind the realities of your VALUE, the realities of your ENOUGHNESS - and why becoming an adult has more to do with learning some basic things about yourself so that you can lead a life of TRULY enough - and how THIS will actually work to create a new CULTURE that works for HUMANITY - than it does with any great achievements, any grand spiritual experiences or super-human knowledge.
We can sort through this enough/not enough debacle. Let's do it today.
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