Life = Growth – But This Doesn’t Mean What You Think

Hi Beauty.

Over the next month, I'm going to attempt to break down a lot of the spiritual speak that we see in our world today, to try to make it more logical, understandable and functional.

Because the truth is, ALL Masters have been saying the same thing forever.
There are many ways of saying these things, and they have been said many ways over the entire span of human history.
With this blog series, I want to share my view of what these spiritual masters have been saying for centuries in MODERN TERMS - to help clear some of the confusion.
 I want to iterate that of COURSE there is nuance, depth, breadth and a never ending possibility for taking these understandings to more 'advanced' levels. Everything in life can be evolved, made more complex, expanded and grown. That is the nature of life - thus we must understand that we will never FULLY understand ANYTHING because the nature of everything is change. Thus, I am certainly not saying I hold a full perspective or that I have ALL of the awareness and understanding one could ever want or need - just that I want to see if I can simplify a few things for us, so that this whole spiritual ride can feel a little more practical.
There is a CORE OF TRUTH at the centre of reality. There is a paradoxical existence of that which never changes, but rather is the foundations for all things that DO change. It is the framework with which all expansion is built upon. It is the essence at the root. What all the growth springs from.
THAT is what we are exploring in these blogs.
The core principles upon which all other principles will be built. The foundational 'reality' that serves as the spring board for all other creation, discovery and awareness.
We start with these things, and we build upon them.

THAT is the life of the spiritual seeker - knowing we are searching for a core of truth that will then be the catalyst for our lifetime of change and perpetual discovery.

We take these things, and we find more and more depth.

Thus, we start with understanding the core, with focusing on the core, and we watch how this naturally leads us to greater and greater heights.

The Core Principals That Will Change Your Life:

Life = growth.
This 'existence' isn't ALL, rather it's a very specific PART of the all. The all INCLUDES life, but life isn't everything. Neither is existence/existing as we know it.
Death is a PART of life as life is a PART of existence, which is a PART of the all that is. Russian doll situation.
We are having a life/existence experience as INDIVIDUAL consciousness which are a part of the WHOLE that includes 'all life' and 'nothing'.
This 'reality' we occupy is a PART of all that is/isn't. It's not Ultimate Truth but relative truth. It doesn't contain all of truth, but all of it is a part of all truth. All of IT is contained within Ultimate Truth.
ULTIMATE TRUTH contains EVERYTHING in this REALITY but this reality doesn't contain ALL of Ultimate Truth.
Reality as *we* know it, is a specific structure that facilitates this specific 'life/creation/existence/experience.' It has laws that are set, that are expandable. We build on what is or break down what is, but we don't alter the basic structure. We learn from BOTH expansion and demolition. This is the RELATIVE TRUTH of this experience - which is not necessarily reflective of ULTIMATE TRUTH or how ALL THINGS function. This is how things function HERE.
You are a specific part of this life reality expressing in order to grow consciousness and its awareness of self.
As a part of the all that is, you contain ONLY truth, but you don't contain ALL truth. You are contained within all truth not the other way around. You are a specific reflection of a piece of the puzzle. There can be no 'wrong' in you, as non-truth doesn't exist and we are in an existence experience. There can be parts of you that are not being supported in GROWTH and thus are in DECAY - but these parts are not BAD or separate from TRUTH - they are truth in decay rather than truth in regeneration.
You contain specific aspects of life in a specific combination that makes 'you' you. You can either grow these parts or degrade them, but you can't create or destroy/alter your fundamental nature.
Your 'ego' is simply the complex structure of all the parts you represent.

 Growth Is The Foundation:

Growth = pleasure.
Destruction = pain.
This is the foundational principal of the life we are existing in. Anything that is growing is really becoming more complex. Anything that is decaying is simplifying.
Information = the fuel for growth.
Getting rid of information = fuel for destruction.
There is no true stagnation in this existence. There is INTEGRATION and PROCESSING - which can look like stagnation at times. But ultimately, there is only growth or death.
This 'death' is in fact, an illusion, as all death is simply the beginning of new form. New life. We will die and be reborn many many times within our human lifespan. We will have parts that appear to 'die' as they dissolve in their form to give way to a new form that looks different - but is at it's core just a NEW representation/configuration of what was. Thus, death can be a PART of growth. Destruction can be a PART of construction.
Life and death are not opposites, but rather death is nested WITHIN life.
Not all decay is death. But all growth is life.

Your Unique Nature And The Root Of Fear:

There are limits to what you can become due to your unique nature. But your unique nature can be expressed, evolved and grown in infinite ways. Both/and. You are like a composite of seeds - each with their natural pre-dispositions and blueprints. You can't become something you don't have a fundamental seed for, nor can you get rid of any seeds you have. But how you can evolve the seeds you have becomes more and more infinite the more you grow them. Each evolution on what you are, creates exponential growth paths as the more complex you are, the more complex your next iteration can be. 2, 4, 6, 8 - think of this as choices and possibilities...
You can't evolve into something you don't have the seeds for. But what you can do with the seeds you DO have is almost infinite, as the more complex something becomes, the more POTENTIAL for complexity it then develops. The more you grow, the more potential for growth you have.
There is no 'bad' or 'non-god' part of you.
There are parts that are being allowed to grow (pleasure and creation) and parts that are being cut off from information and thus are decaying (pain and destruction.) Nothing is stagnant, theres only evolution or devolution.
The parts we have traditionally called 'ego' are simply the parts of ourselves that got trapped in childhood due to nervous system/survival trauma.
As humans we (ultimately) fear one thing - death. But we all make death mean different things. The main meanings we have given to death are:
1. Having an awareness of self with complete separation from everyone and everything else. Ie. ISOLATION.
2. A loss of what we have/inability to have what we want/ constant devolution or permanent growth restriction. Ie. PERPETUAL SUFFERING.
3. Not knowing/not existing/forgetting everything and having to 'start again'. Ie. CONSTANT LOSS/NOTHING GETTING BETTER.
ALL FEAR boils down to the resistance of whatever we are MAKING DEATH MEAN. Which is usually the death we are LIVING - feeling separated, feeling that we are always suffering, feeling that there is nothing we can do about our suffering.
Everything we resist we resist because we think it will lead to/is leading to one of the above scenarios. We project it onto lots of things and tell ourselves all kinds of stories about the after life and heaven to escape these basic existential questions:
How do I feel connected?
How do I make my life better?
What is the meaning of pain and what can I do about it?
It's in facing what we think death is and seeing that it's an illusion that we generally find freedom WITHIN LIFE.  We 'transcend' our consciousness that tells us we are separate, we learn how to learn, and we learn how to grow. THIS is what liberates us. Knowing we can always feel connected, knowing we can make sense of what is happening around us, and knowing we can FIND JOY in anything - THAT is what we all consider HEAVEN.
Most have to physically die to learn, others have death experiences within their life to learn.


See you next week for part two!


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