Losing Your Religion – How To Release Religious Mindset R.T.F.L.W.E.47

By February 14, 2018Videos

Alright folks, today we have a biggie.

We are going to talk about how to go about moving out of religious thinking.

Most people have grown up with some sort of religious influence. Either directly growing up in a religious household or by proxy in our culture that still holds some very fundamentally religious viewpoints.

From here, we may grow up and decide that the dictates and values of the region we were influenced by don’t feel right. We may start to question their validity. From here we may find ourselves feeling totally angry and resentful of religion and all the pain and harm it has caused not only us, but the world at large.

Those who were once religions and those who were never religious alike can easily find that they have a deep distain for religion and it’s messages and want to shirk it from society all together.

Yet under it all, if we all look deeply at ourselves, we can find threads of religion and it’s mindsets, morals, values and teachings at the core of who WE are and how WE operate.

You may find that as much as you have rebelled from the religion of your upbringing or culture, that there are still parts of you that are fully operating in that old mindset. That are still playing by the rules.

Frankly, that there are still parts of you that feel the guilt, shame, judgement, condemnation, fear and self loathing that tends to come part and parcel with being in a religion. That you still find yourself doing things with motivations you know are coming from those roots. That you still find yourself holding yourself to a standard that was taught to you but that doesn’t necessarily feel like true freedom or truth to you.

Losing religion is hard.

Today, let’s explore this. Let’s look at how pervasive it is, how challenging it is to move out of it, and lets look at some tools you can use to help you along the way.

We are all influenced, and we can evolve from that influence.