Loving The Ego Safe – With Osha Key:

Hello Love!
The Ego.
A huge topic of discussion in the spirituality/health/wellness movement.
For centuries 'the ego' has been the name we've given to the 'bad' parts of ourselves. Our lower impulses. Our harmful or destructive natures. The parts of us that seem to be against doing what's best or right.
Many of us have labelled our self sabotaging parts, our scapegoating parts, our coping and numbing parts, the parts of ourselves that have negative emotions, pain and confusion 'ego' and we've looked to GET RID OF these parts through our spiritual and wellness practices.

But what if this whole concept - the idea that we have 'bad parts' that need to be 'gotten rid of' is entirely false?

What if the way we are viewing, approaching and interacting with our 'Egos' is actually leading to MORE pain, not less?

What if the key to a happy life isn't through fixing, changing, burning up, destroying, ignoring, transcending or otherwise escaping the 'ego' - but rather comes through embracing all the parts of ourselves, seeing them in their innocence and seeing what they NEED in order to GROW? What if GROWING the ego is actually the key to freedom, rather than trying to DIMINISH the ego? What if ego is the WAY to God, not an IMPEDIMENT to God?

Today I'm sitting down with my good friend Osha Key to talk about all of this. Have a listen to the chat and let us know what you think when you do!


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