Manifestation, Law Of Attraction And Creativity – Becoming A Powerful Co-Creator Part Seven

By January 3, 2018Videos

Hello again!

Please take a moment to watch Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part FourPart Five and Part Six before you watch this one!

Now that you understand how to be receptive, conductive, self inquiring and disciplined, you are ready to put ALL this together to understand how to live a creative life.

You are now ready to understsand the real truth about why you ‘manifest’ what you manifest, and why you ‘attract what you attract’ in your life - and why your PERCEPTION of what you manifest and attract is the most important key for what you will create in your life and what you won’t.

You are ready to see why you have experienced everything you have experienced, why it matters for your creation, why nothing was a mistake. You are ready to learn why looking at life through the filter of being a powerful creator is SO different from how the rest of the world looks at life.

You are ready to step out of victim mode and into creation mode.

Let’s do this.


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