Monday Musings ~ A Deep Dive Into Deep Tissue Cleansing!

Hello Friends 🙂

In today's video, I am giving you a sneak peak into the halls of the Aliyah Mystery School 🙂

This video is an interview I did with Mike Perrine - a colon hydrotherapist who owns and operates Vitality NYC in New York City, who is the host of the EveryDayDetox Podcast and all around amazing person.

In this video we go deep into the concept of Deep Tissue Cleansing - a process I am guiding the Mystery School Students through right now.

This process is about SO MUCH MORE than physical wellness. This is about realizing that we can - and in this day and age need to - utilize the physical self in ways we have never had to before if we want to truly awaken our consciousness and live our fullest potential.

Remember, there is no separation between any aspect of yourself. The mental, emotional and physical parts of you are intimately tied to the physical parts.

If you are curious about the school, or are interested in why we would focus on the body when talking about awakening - this interview is for you!

Have a listen to see where we are going with all of this. Also make sure you check out Mike and let him know I sent ya 😉


Here are the resources mentioned in this video:

Diary of Malcolm X:

Diet For A New America:

Dr. Fred Bisci:

School Of Integrative Nutrition:

Natural Gourmet Institute:

Network Spinal Analysis:

Arnold Ehret -

DISCLAIMER! Remember, this is for educational purposes only! None of this is meant to serve as a replacement for specific, individual health advice on any level. Please consult with a trusted health care practitioner before making any changes to your lifestyle. Be smart. Take care of yourself.