Monday Musings ~ Commitment Is The Key To Transformation Part 8 – Looking For The Real Evidence

Alright my Friend. We have made it to the end of this series.

If you have not already, go ahead and fill yourself in on The Intro, Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five and Part Six and Part Seven.

Today, we are going to wrap this up with the final piece of the puzzle for you to take with you for the rest of your life.

Frequency Is The Key:

Now you get that transformation is an INTERNAL game. You totally understand that your external reality is simply reflecting back to you what is going on within.

Your experiences and your perception of those experiences are all being coloured by the filters that you carry around.

You now understand that your body and your emotions are reflecting back to you whether you are in or out of alignment with your highest, truest self. Your emotions are letting you know where you are rejecting yourself, and where you are truly making room for yourself to shine.

You now understand that that your outer life experiences are there to show you what you believe, and are there to help guide you back to the knowledge of truth. To the truth of this world, and to the truth of yourself.

Now you understand that when something feels terrible to you emotionally or physically, it is a sign to stop, slow down, and go in to investigate where the lie is. That your emotional guidance system is there to help you live your highest and best expression, and that all you have to do is listen to its messages.

Now you understand that it is your vibration, your perception and level of consciousness that determines your experience in this life – not the circumstances of your life.

Now you understand that the life you have always wanted to live, the one in which you are happy, joyful and free is the life where you are most fully embracing and expressing your truth. Where you are allowing for all the aspects of you to be lived fully. Where you are owning your space, and realty is making room for you. Because reality always makes room for the person you are deciding to be. Now you get that all this ever really boiled down to, is you allowing yourself to be yourself. Is you allowing yourself to love yourself. That when you get that, everything else will flow as it will and you will be able to go along for the ride knowing that all is unfolding for your highest and best good.

You will be able to make the empowered choices that lead to your fulfillment, and at the same time you will be able to roll with life’s lessons, knowing all of life is occurring to support your growth – that nothing is happening ‘to’ you and everything is happening ‘for’ you.

These are all big things to know. So let’s take this last post to explore some of this a little deeper, to re-enforce this new way of thinking and being.

The World Putting The Cart Before The Horse:

In the society we live in, most are 100% convinced that how they feel is due to their circumstances. They are fully convinced that if they could just change their diet, change their job, change their spouse – that all of their unwanted negative emotions would go away and they would float forever on a cloud of bliss. With this, everyone is fighting tooth and nail to make changes to their lives, only to wind up back in their old habits, with the same painful emotions over and over again.

We try the diet that seems like it will heal us, and it never works or we can’t stick to it. We quit the job and end up in a new one that feels exactly the same. We leave the partnership and end up with someone who is the same or worse for us than the person we left. Or we go back after striking out on our own and feeling like that felt WORSE than being with the partner we could at least predict.

The world is obsessed with trying to change the external reality as a way of trying to moderate what they are feeling within.

This will never, and can never work.

This can’t ever work, because the outer reality, and your perception of it, is a reflection of YOU.

Always has been, always will be.

On top of this, because people are not allowing themselves to understand that their reality is simply reflecting back to them who they are and what they believe in this moment, how much of themselves they are suppressing, and how deeply they feel either empowered or disempowered - most feel that they are continually being victimized by their lives. As though all these ‘bad’ things are befalling them and they have no understanding as to why.

They feel helpless and hopeless, lost in a world that is random and haphazard.

Then if they do learn that their reality is a reflection of them, rather than feeling empowered to change internally, they go into a state of self-blame. They look at all the so-called ‘negative’ things that have happened and that are happening in their lives and simply beat themselves up for allowing these things to happen.

People stay in a perpetual victim state, never really willing to take responsibility for their emotions, their thoughts and their perceptions, and then spend much of their lives frustrated at their circumstances.

Know that all of this boils down to the understanding that this whole cycle comes from the root of FEAR.

People fear circumstances, one another, life itself – but most truly, people simply fear THEMSELVES. This all boils down to self rejection.

This root of fear and self rejection means that no matter what they try to do, no matter what new and shiny option pops into their reality, the result of their actions or inactions is going to lead to the same emotional experiences over and over.

Because there is only love or fear. Fear feels the same as fear, and love feels the same as love.

There are variations on the theme, but ultimately fear is always going to lead to more fear, more chaos, more destruction. Love will always lead to more love, more order, more structure and more joy.

When you fear yourself, you create chaos in your life. When you love yourself, you create order, balance and harmony.

So trying to re-arrange the circumstances of your life from a place of self-fear, is putting the cart before the horse.

If you do not change your frequency first, if you do not change your fundamental relationship to yourself first, you will always end up in the place you started. No matter what you do to your external environment – to your diet, to your work, to your relationships, to your surroundings – you will end up FEELING how you have always felt until you shift yourself to a new frequency from within.

You must shift inside first, before you do anything about the outside. This is the only way to create true, lasting, meaningful change in your life.

What is really happening when you transform, is you allowing yourself to come into vibrational resonance with who you have always been. You are allowing yourself to express as your truth. You are stepping into the role you came here to play. This creates order, balance, freedom and joy.

It is you stepping into you.

Allowing Life To Lead The Way

Once you have made that internal shift, the world around you will naturally begin to transform itself.

This is the key to understand on this journey of personal discovery.

You will do the inner work.

You will continue to learn about yourself.

You will practice holding the vision for where you want to go, that allows for you to FEEL the new feeling state that you wish to live in.

You will continue to deeply love the one who was hurt, who was shamed and all the parts of yourself that you have rejected – the parts that drop you into a feeling state that is not how you want to feel.Rather than running from these aspects, or trying to suppress them, you will welcome them into your being with open arms, knowing it is simply understanding that they need in order to express as their highest and most truest form.You will love these wounded aspects so that they can become what they always have been – an integral part of your self-expression.

This love will transform the way you live, because as you integrate the lost and wounded aspects of yourself back into your being, you have access to living in alignment with your highest joy more and more. You will continue on with your practices, and life will re-arrange itself around you. The more you love who you are, the more you align with that high vibration you want to feel, the more you experience life as a harmonious, joyful unfolding.

You will find that finally, after all this time, life carries you to the new place. You don’t have to figure it all out. You do not have to make it happen. All you have to do is the inner work, and then follow the steps presented to you in the outer world. All you have to do is allow yourself to express in deeper and truer ways. All you have to do is make room for the being that you are to come forward. All you have to do is love yourself enough to live a life that aligns with the deepest signature of your soul.

All you have to do is be yourself. Fully. Honestly. Openly. Life will then make room for the being that you are.

So What Exactly Is The Evidence You Are Looking For?

Now that you understand that true transformation happens from within, and that the outer reality that you live in, and the way you perceive that reality is a reflection of what is going on within your being, you will realize that when you have shifted internally, your external reality MUST shift in order to match.

Meaning your external circumstances will both start to re-arrange themselves – things will simply change around you without you having to ’do’ much to enact those changes AND you will be presented with choices that you were never aware of before.

The evidence you are going to be looking for is the life opportunities that are 100% new and fresh. You are going to be looking for the inspirations that lead to action steps you have never taken before. You are going to follow the guidance that is leading you towards a life that is unfamiliar. You are going to be looking for the changes in those around you. You are going to be looking for the situations that present themselves to you that create a change in your life where all you have to do is participate – rather than force along.

This is what true transformation will look like.

You will practice your new frequency.

You will love the one who was hurt.

You will do the integration.

You will continue on with your awareness practices, ever deepening your connection with yourself.

You will continue to love yourself deeper than you ever have before.

The world around you will in turn transform. New relationships will enter your field. New job opportunities will be offered. You will be inspired to take an art class or move to a new country or to eat in a way that you have never considered before.

These changes will make you feel a little scared, and a little excited. You will have hesitation as well as a deep sense of knowing that this is the next most logical step for you.

You will then simply take the next most logical step. You will follow your feelings – the ones that feel like the new frequency you have been practicing – and do what feels like that. You will face fears. You will take risks. You will do what is the next most obvious thing on your path.

Transformation will prove to you that it has taken place.

You won’t have to push or force it. You won’t have to figure it out.

It will be there, and all you will have to do is follow.

If you are allowing yourself to feel radically differently than you have been feeling up to this point – if you are allowing yourself to envision a life that is radically different than the one you have been leading, feeling deeply in your being what that would be like – then the next most logical steps for you may be dramatic in nature. They may be big moves or big job changes or large adjustments to your lifestyle – again if those steps feel like what you have been practicing in your visualizations then go for these big changes! If you are making smaller frequency shifts within your being, the next most logical steps may be smaller. There is truly no right or wrong here. You cannot do this wrong. All you have to do is focus on feeling how you want to feel. Is focus on feeling the new life, and loving the one that you are deeper and more fully along the way.

This is how transformation happens.

Use your tools. Stick to the path. That is all you have to do.


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