Monday Musings ~ Commitment Is The Key To Transformation Part Five: Yes, You Have To Work It

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Now you know all about fake growth. You know all about developing awareness. You are getting wise about not rearranging the furniture of your life, you are coming to terms with the truth of relationships and you are setting your intentions and holding your vision.

Now what?!

You may be wondering - when do you get to start making those shifts in your life you have wanted to make? When do you get to quit your job or find that new partner or begin the new diet?

You may be thinking that you have implemented the tools, you have started working the awareness and sitting still and really looking deeply into your relationships – you are doing it, so when does the change happen? When will the shifts take place? Isn’t this supposed to be all about changing your life?!

Perhaps you are feeling impatient with life, that you are doing all this internal work and the external keeps staying the same.

Maybe you are thinking that this is all well and good, but now it is time to really take charge and do what you ‘know’ you ‘need’ to do.

You may still be believing that the external is not going to change itself. That it is all fine and good that you are doing this internal adjusting, but this is still a physical world with physical things that you need to get ahold of.

You may be feeling at this point that all of these practices are actually pretty overwhelming. You may be feeling that to really commit to all of this all the time is totally impractical. Perhaps you are feeling that all of this internal work is excessive.

Maybe you feel like you have gotten some good insights. You have seen some things you didn’t see before you know some things you didn’t know before, so now you are ready to let go of some of these more time consuming practices so you can get on with things.

Here Is Where The Practice Is The Thing

In this moment, in this time, at this place on your journey, all of the above is totally valid and understandable.

Whether you are feeling like it is time to get serious now and actually DO something, or like the practices are overwhelming, or like you have done them enough now so you really don’t have to be so diligent – you are pretty much in the pocket of what most people are thinking at this point on the real growth path.

What I want to impart to you today may feel like it takes some of the wind out of your sails initially – and that is OK. Be with that feeling and allow yourself to process through that.

Once you digest and absorb the message of todays post, I am promising you will actually feel BETTER knowing this information, rather than worse. This is going to provide context for you, as well as a framework to help you develop a deeper, richer more nuanced vision for yourself and the future you are moving into.

External Change Can ONLY Come From Internal Change:

The very first and most important thing to remember here at this point in your journey, is that your external environment – what is occurring as well as the choices you are apt to make – are fully and completely reflecting your INTERNAL environment. There can be no shift in your external world before there is a shift in your internal world.

Meaning if you feel like it is silly to sit around and do all this internal shifting, when there are ACTUAL things in your environment that need to change – it is time to do a radical overhaul in the way you view your reality.

Think Of Your Life Like The Radio.

At any given moment, there are several hundred frequencies – or radio stations – that you can tune into. Truly an infinite number of musical genera’s to listen too, and within that an infinite number of songs within each genre. The sheer amount of musical experiences available to you are massive.

At the same time, tuning into more than one station at any given time would create a chaotic sound that would be quite unpleasant to listen to. When listening to the radio, you pretty much need to decide upon a specific frequency and stick with that frequency if you want an enjoyable listening experience. With that, you know if you tune into the country music station, you are going to hear country music. If you tune into easy listening, you will hear Elton John and Phil Collins. You tune into the rock station and you will be head banging in no time.

Each frequency is specific, and provides a certain specific experience.

In order to be enjoyed, you must select a frequency that then filters out all the other frequencies available.

You can then assume that your experience on any specific frequency will be one that is continuous and predictable. The range of country songs you hear on the country station may be wide, but they will still all fall within the country music umbrella. You are not going to get Alice Cooper in between your Shania Twain and Tim McGraw.

With this, you know if you want to hear a different style of music than the one that is being broadcast on the station you are currently listening to, all you have to do is change the frequency of your receptor (radio) and a totally new experience will be broadcast into your world.

You do not have to get out of your car and into a new car to hear a new radio station. You don’t have to get a new radio. You don’t have to buy a new house. You don’t have to move to a new city. No external change in your environment is needed to tune you into a new radio station. All you have to do is change the receptor, and what you receive changes.

If you do not change the frequency that your radio is tuned to, you won't get a new experience. This is how it works. Same station, same experience. 

So even if you listen to the same station from a new location, a new radio, with new headphones - the experience is not going to be any different.

In the same way, you cannot expect that one-day, if you just listen for long enough, that your country music station will start playing pop music. You can get into a different car, go into a new house, go to the mall, take your radio outside, get a new radio – but if you are tuned into the frequency of the country music station no matter the radio you use, no matter the place you listen to the radio – the music will still be the same. You won’t get pop music until you change the frequency.

Frequency Change Is The Key

The above radio metaphor is meant to illustrate your experience of your life.

The radio station and the songs played represent your life and the experiences there in.

The radio frequency represents your STATE – your emotional/mental/spiritual state.

The radio is your physical being.

What this means is, in order to start having new and different experiences in your life, you must first shift where you are at emotionally/mentally/spiritually. You must first shift your internal world and the external world will follow.

This also means that the experience you are having of your external world (how you perceive what is happening and what that 'means' to and for you) is being dictated by your INTERNAL world – not the other way around.

It is who you are in this moment – your thoughts, feelings, preferences, beliefs and so on – that is the deciding factor in whether what you are experiencing is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – desirable or undesirable.

At the highest level, you will come to realize that all that really matters is internal alignment.

That it is really not a big deal what station you are listening too specifically – that the truth of this life is that you will learn something valuable from every listening experience, and that there are no right or wrong stations to listen too. Eventually you will find that so long as you are free from within, what occurs without will all align with that freedom.

You will get to a place where the specific experience is not so important, because you will be in a state of internal balance that allows you to move through all of your experiences with grace and gratitude.

That being said, if you are stuck in a life that feels totally terrible, that feels like a trap, a slog, like something you really wish you could escape from – you need to go on the journey of discovering how to change your frequency to something new, so you can have the experience of not being a victim to your life. Once you realize you always have a choice to shift from within, the whole experience of your without will take on much less importance. For now, if it is really impinging on your level of happiness, then learning to shift your frequency is the next lesson in line for you.

In Order To Change The Song, You Must Change The Station:

Now you understand that in order to shift the kinds of external experiences you are having, what is required is a shift in your INTERNAL frequency. You must shift your personal vibration, your personal wave-length that you are attuned too.

Just like with the radio idea – it is not about getting a new radio or a new car or getting out of the car and into the mall – meaning it is not about getting a new job or getting a new partner or leaving your city, not right now anyway.

The truth is, if you stay at the internal frequency you are currently in that is allowing for your current experience of life, no mater what you do to your external world, you will still FEEL the same. Your experience of your reality will still be what it is right now in the new job, the new relationship, the new city. Nothing will actually change.

This is why people find themselves in the same terrible work environments, the same terrible relationships, the same terrible financial situation over and over again no matter how much they shift or change their circumstances. The new job, the new partner, the new city always looks so bright and shiny in the beginning. It always makes such perfect logical sense to make the move to the new thing. It always feels empowering to think you are leaving an old situation behind to move onto bigger and better things. But once you realize that your external circumstances are simply a REFLECTION of what is going on within you, you will start to see why all this external change almost always amounts to nothing.

Wherever you go, there you are, so to speak.

You cannot expect to have a different experience, until you change your frequency. Until you do that, until you fully realize that what is happening to you is a reflection of your point of perception, you will take a million lateral steps. You will experience what it is like to listen to this station from several different relationship, job and location vantage points – ultimately seeing that it was all the same song, over and over again.

The Outside Will Change To Match The Inside – In That Order Always

This is the main reason you were advised not to make any outward changes in your life at the beginning of this series. Once you make the internal shifts, once you change your internal frequency to a new station, you will start to notice that options and situations you never dreamed possible, that you were not even aware existed, will start to come into your field of awareness. THIS is when you know you are ready to make an external move.

Until something appears that is very obviously different from the experiences you have been having – it is not the time to make a shift yet.

Work on your inner state, until the outside starts to shift and morph on its own to match.

You do not have to be afraid that if you let go of working to change your external world that your external world will never change. This is the big fear that gets most people totally stuck in their lives forever and ever amen.

It is the totally counter intuitive (to common logic anyway) idea that shifting your external world without first shifting your internal world creates the conditions for the same experience (the same emotional and mental experience) over and over again. That shifting yourself within first – leaving the external reality to be what it is for now, and allowing it to be what informs you of where you are at and where you want to go – actually creates the conditions for life to naturally flow to a whole new place for you.

That’s right. You wont have to manipulate reality to change anymore. When you shift from the inside, the outside cannot help but shift to match you. That is the genius of it.

When you truly shift from the inside, the relationship issue you have been having over and over will all of a sudden become clear. You will see why you have been choosing what you have been choosing over and over, and you will all of a sudden see an alternative option. The job issue that you have been having will all of a sudden open up, and a whole new opportunity that you never considered before will feel super natural and obvious. The health issue you have been having will suddenly make perfect sense and you will know exactly what to do to create health for yourself – or that health will simply start to be a part of your reality without you shifting much externally. This is how it works. The change will seem like a whole new world, and at the same time, like the most obvious next step that you will not believe you did not see before.

So How Do You Shift Your Frequency?

1. Look At The Current Circumstances As A Reflection: Step one is to realize that nothing is happing ‘to’ you. It is all a reflection OF you. So if there is drama, if there is pain, if there is discomfort, if there is resistance – that is all you. The key here is to allow yourself to disengage from your circumstances emotionally – just for a little bit – so you can observe them objectively. This is not about blaming yourself for your circumstances. Please do not take yourself down that road – it is a dead end. This is simply about saying, “ok. Thank you reality for reflecting back to me so clearly where I am currently choosing to tune myself.” Realize you have done nothing wrong, and that you are not being punished. It is just a mirror. Look into your life deeply, and see what is being reflected back to you. Ask yourself the following questions, and do so frequently. Investigate for a few weeks:


  • What must I believe about myself in order to facilitate having this experience over and over?
  • What must I believe about the world in order to have this experience over and over?
  • If this is not what I want, what exactly about it is distasteful to me? Be very, very specific.
  • Knowing that this is what I do not want, what DO I want? What would be a better experience? Again, be very specific here.
  • Who would I have to be in order to facilitate having the new experience I want? What would I have to believe about myself and my world in order to facilitate this new experience?

2. Visualize Having The New Experience That You Desire: This is incredibly important. Once you have given yourself a clear picture of what you do not want, this should help you start to form an idea of what you do want. Spend time every day – for 10-15 minutes – picturing yourself living the life you want to be living. Paint the picture as clearly as you can. Fill in all the details. Visualize like it is your job. Again do not shift anything in your outer world just yet. Just paint the picture for yourself.

3. Feel What It Would Feel Like To Be In The New Place: Once you have your picture of your new life clear in your mind, tune into how you FEEL when you imagine yourself in these new circumstances. This is the most important key to change there is. Notice how you feel about yourself, about your body, about your job, about your relationship. Notice the inner peace, the inner stillness, the excitement, the passion, the freedom, and the lightness. Notice all the amazing feelings that arise when you imagine having this desired life. THIS is you shifting frequencies.

4. Take All The Other Steps SO Far, And Add Shifting Your Frequency To It: Keep being aware. Keep noticing the reflections in your relationships. Keep on top of your desire to redecorate your house. Keep holding your vision and setting your intention. All of this will be informing your visualizations and your capacity to feel into a new frequency.

5. Work It: Once you have practiced being in your visualization, you will start to get the hang of feeling the feeling states that go along with visualizing your ideal life. You will then start to become aware of how often you DO NOT feel like that in your every day life. Now you can see where you are caught in a loop – you feel how you feel, which creates your experience of your life, which dictates your perceptions of your choices, which causes you to have the same experiences over and over, which re-enforce your feeling state, which is then reflected back to you – and so on and so forth. Now is where the true rubber meets the road. Now is when you start to practice feeling how you want to feel WITHIN YOUR CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES. That’s right. Bring all those ideal feelings to the job you have right now. The body you have right now. The relationship you have right now. Start to take powerful control over how you feel.

6. Let Those Feelings Guide You: From there, when you get really proficient at feeling how you want to feel regardless of your circumstances, you will start to be able to make true changes in your life. Meaningful changes. From this point, whenever you are presented with a choice, before you make it first check in with how the options available FEEL to you. If when you consider an option it makes you feel how you feel in your visualization - then it is a YES. If imagining the option feels more like how you usually feel, then it is a NO. This is the magic ingredient that will radically shift your life. You do not have to know how something is going to work out, in order to know if it is going to lead you to a new experience or not. All you have to do is tune into the feeling - the frequency - of the choice, and see if it matches how you want to feel. If it does, go ahead. If it doesn't, skip it. This is where the new options that you never knew existed will start to pop into view - and you will recognize them because you have practiced feeling the frequency they are attuned too. This is where you will be able to go deep into shifting your conditioning (which we will cover in the next post). This is where a whole new world will open up for you. Follow everything that feels how your ideal life feels, and notice what does not and look at that.

Next week we will cover moving through the programming that has you caught in any loop you may be caught in, and that work will go hand in hand with this work. For now – visualize and feel the shit out of your new life. Notice the new feeling states, and bring them to your current life.

You have to work it. It takes diligence and persistence to really master bringing the desired feeling state into your current reality, rather than allowing the current reality to dictate how you feel. You must commit yourself to this practice and work it – over and over again. Many times a day. Everyday.

Commit to working it.

Then watch miracles start to occur.


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