Monday Musings ~ Commitment Is The Key To Transformation Part Four: Why You Need To Hold The Vision And Set Your Intentions

Hello Again Beauty!

How is everything settling for you? How are you feeling with All The Other Posts In This Series?

Are you feeling changed yet?

If so, yay! Amazing! Go you! This means you are committing to your path, to yourself and to the work it takes to create change.

If not, also yay! This means you are getting to learn one of the most important lessons in life.

But for real, whether you feel like things in your life are really shifting, sort of shifting or are simply staying put, you are being shown the exact things you need to see right now, in order to live the life of your dreams.

You see, right here is where you learn that the path is almost never going to look how you think it is supposed to look.

Right here is where you learn that the most important factor in your journey is not what you do, but why you do it.

Right Here Is Where Most Throw In The Towel

I want you to know, that right about now is the time when most people would give up on all of this stuff.

Right now is when all the reasons why it isn’t working, why it isn’t giving you the results you wanted, why it is hard and ultimately not worth it are starting to surface. You may be hearing these familiar voices in your head right now. The ones that tell you to quit, ease up, go back.

Or you may be finding yourself really struggling to commit to the steps outlines in the previous posts. You may be able to do a few of the steps for a day or two, and then find that you fall off the proverbial wagon, only to feel like you failed, are incapable and that change just isn’t for you.

You may be feeling discouraged with your progress. Perhaps you feel like this work is all for nothing – that it is just a bunch of really hard and uncomfortable processes that seems to make you feel WORSE about life rather than better.

You may be thinking that before you started all this you did not think you were struggling as much as you feel you are struggling now.

I get you. This stuff is not all sunshine and rainbows.

In fact, in the beginning phases, this is generally the opposite of sunshine and rainbows.

It is more like slogging through and being faced with a whole bunch of stuff you were diligently working NOT to look at, for a really long time. The whole reason you have any of the self destructive, non-life generating habits you have, is because you have placed those things there to distract yourself from all that is coming up and that is going to continue to come up through THIS process.

So if you are losing sight of why you are doing this, if the discomfort of your starting place is now starting to seem not so bad, if you are not sure what your vision is anymore and feel like your motivation is disappearing – know this is normal.

That is why I am here to give you this little pep talk today.

When The Going Gets No Fun Anymore

This post falls right in the middle of our whole series, and I put it here for a reason.

I put it here, because as stated above, right about now is most likely when you are feeling a dip in your motivation.

The main reason for this is because all of the things that are in your life, in your mindset, in your field that are preventing you from living the life you want for yourself, or even from seeing what that life would look like, are surfacing.

Right now is when all your shit is coming up.

This is happening, because you are asking for change.

When you ask for change, know that you are asking for growth. You are asking for transformation. With this, know that the universe ALWAYS says yes. Life always says yes. Your inner guidance always says yes. This is a law of the universe, because the life is all about change. Growth. Expansion. Life is 100% dedicated to the movement towards greater structure, order and complexity.

The thing is, life is always pulling you to grow.

This is one of the reasons why you get antsy in your life. One of the reasons your emotional guidance system calls you forward. This is the main reason nothing in your life ever stays the same – life is in perpetual motion in order to get you to grow. It does not stagnate when you want to stagnate, if you haven’t noticed. It is a beautiful circle of life encouraging you towards growth, and you seeking it out due to your experiences. One feeds into the other.

Meaning you have the choice to either get out ahead of the growth train and flow with it by observing what is coming up in your life and allowing that to inform your movement forward,


You can resist change, allow yourself to get caught up in fear and holding onto life too tightly, in which case you will suffer.

Life is always moving. Nothing can be held for long. So you will either grow and change on your own volition, or you will try to resist the changes life is calling you to make, and end up suffering so much that eventually you change on your own volition. See how this works?

So if you came to this blog series wanting to change due to the discomfort in your life – that is no problem. You are ready for the growth that life has been planning for you. You got uncomfortable and asked for a change, and thus you spurred on a growth cycle. That is all that is happening here.

When you ask for change, you have asked for growth. When you call in growth, things shift.

The first shift that happens, is you come face to face with all the stuff you have been running from. It can be no other way.

You become acutely aware of all the annoying things in your life. You become extra frustrated. You may even find yourself more scared, more stuck in your ways, more resistant to positive change that you have ever known yourself to be before.

There is a reason for this.

This Is Where You Learn The Power Of Vision And Faith

In this time, when the going is getting tough, when sticking to your new habits is hard, when it seems like your nerves are getting fried from all the new awareness and information that your practices are cultivating – you have the opportunity to develop persistence of vision.

Right now, in this struggle, when your fear brain wants you to turn around and go back, when your self sabotaging voice wants to tell you over and over again how you can’t do this, how this is not worth it, how it is not working, you are being called to lean on faith.

You are being taught how to navigate a path that has inevitably not gone how you thought it was going to go.

You are being shown what it means to hold a vision, and keep going, even though the journey turned out to be unlike what you expected.

This is where you learn that the journey to where you want to go, to the vision, is ALWAYS out of synch with what you expected it to be. It is always going to be one curve ball after another. It is always going to be bringing things to the surface that you did not even know were there. It is always going to require that you dive into things you have run from forever. The path is NEVER going to look how you thought it was going to look.

We are never truly aware of all that is between where we currently are, and where we want to be. If we were, we would be at our desired destination already.

So, you hold the vision of where you want to end up – the picture of yourself in your life of peace, abundance, purpose, and awareness – and then you develop faith in life to take you on the exact route that needs to be taken in order to get there.

You surrender to the idea that you do not know what you don’t know. That if you were truly aware of all that lies between you and your vision, then you would already be at your vision.

If you are not already at your end game, then you can be sure you don’t know what the journey is going to look like.

The good news is, you don’t have to. If you did have to plan your own route, you would never get there, because again, you are not aware of what you are not aware of.

Hold the vision. Then trust that THIS – exactly this – is what you need in order to make it happen. Let go of any expectation of how long it will take, or what it will look like for you along the way. Drop your expectations.

Keep the vision, and then have faith in the unfolding of the path. Show up to this, one step at a time.

This Is Where You Learn The Power Of Intention

As you are walking your path with faith, you are also being given the opportunity to deeply see the power of your INTENTION over your reality.

You are going to clearly see how all your past attempts at change were actually motivated by fear, rather than love.

You are going to see that every other time you have tried to change yourself or your life from a place of deep resistance to who you are, or what was going on for you, when you tried to irradiate some undesirable trait you thought you had, or whenever you tried to ‘fix’ yourself – that your plans never led you to where you wanted to be.

You are going to see that each and every time you tried to change yourself or your life from a place of being fed up with yourself, from a place of hating yourself, from a place of trying to change what you believed to be fundamentally wrong and bad about you, that your plans always failed in the long run.

Not because you have poor willpower.

Not because you are stupid.

Not because you didn’t try hard enough.

Not because life was cursing you.

Not because it is easier for others than it is for you.

Not because you can’t.

The reason your well laid plans for change always failed in the past, is because hate and fear are one in the same.

Fear can only create chaos. No order can come from fear.

When you move from a place, from an intention to fix your shitty self, you are locked in your position - because you are in a state of fear. To believe you are shit, is to be scared. To believe you are not how you should be, is to be scared.

To hate yourself is to fear yourself.

You are locked in your position because in a state of fear growth and expansion are not possible. This is a simple fact of life. When a cell is in fear, it goes into self-preservation. When you are in fear, YOU go into self-preservation. You fully and completely sabotage your own efforts to move in a new direction, because you will be in a subconscious state of continually resisting change and trying to keep your world exactly as it is. You will be trying to maintain the status quo even in that status quo is making you miserable, because at least it is predictable and you know how to survive it.

When you go into fear, you go into lockdown. Your subconscious believes you are under physical attack, in some sort of very real danger, and it then attempts to keep you safe by ensuring a consistent reality. You will do everything in your power to keep everything just as it is, so that you feel safe. A predictable, familiar environment is one that is much easier to survive in than one you have never been in before. Meaning any effort you make on the surface to change will be thwarted by your subconscious mind, in its attempt to keep you alive.

You MUST move from the intention of love if you want any positive change to occur in your life.

If fear is in the driver’s seat, if self-hate is your motivation, you are stuck.

This is a law of nature.

If instead you begin to move from your center of knowing you are worthy, of knowing that you are GOOD, of knowing that you are not here to be ‘improved’ but rather to allow for your expansion – THEN growth is possible.

You must allow yourself to release the idea that the way you have been is wrong. You must allow yourself to release the idea that self hate is some kind of motivator. You must allow yourself to believe that change, growth and expansion are not signs and symbols of your past failings or broken nature, but rather a symptom of life itself.

You must choose to change because you LOVE who you are, and you want to keep developing yourself into all that you know you can be, rather than from believing that who you are now is shit.

Refine your intention. See what it feels like to move from a place of self-acceptance and understanding that growth is simply a part of the game, rather than moving from a place of trying to fix what is broken about you.

You will see your self-sabotaging voice quiet down quite a bit when you assure yourself this is all because you are awesome.

Move from love.


Take some time to really integrate these deeper and richer nuances of this growth path. Start to allow yourself to dive into the subtleties of what is going on under the surface of your life. Look at your vision. Look at your faith. Look at your intention.

Hold the vision. Trust the path. Move from love.

See you next week.


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