Monday Musings ~ Do We Really Need Fear? – VIDEO POST!

Hi friends 🙂

I know last week I told you that I would be wrapping up my post series on What 5D is, and How To Start Moving There and What Loving Yourself Looks Like - but I felt that this series was not done! So here we are 🙂

This week, I have a video presentation for you - because truly this topic of FEAR must be addressed if we are going to be clear on how to move from a 3D, denser, lower vibrational reality to a higher one.

This video is NOT to say that the fear state is WRONG or that we should never have had the experience. Not at all. Remember, this shift is an EVOLUTION - meaning taking what we have, learning from it and then making something more complex, ordered and structured from it.

The truth of the matter is - shifting from where we are to where we are going no matter what you want to call it - is a shift from less love to more love.

From less information to more information.

From less awareness to more awareness.

From less structure to more structure.

From less order to more order.

Which means we must address this issue of fear - its role in our evolution and the radical way we must address it moving forward, if we really want to move forward.

This is a radical talk, but one that needs to be had.

Let me know what you think.