Monday Musings ~ Why you Will Never Get Rid Of Your Self Sabotaging Aspects/Behaviors

Hello Beautiful.

This is a big one today friends.

This is taking self love, again, to one of its most radical extremes - something I clearly LOVE to do around here 😉

Today you are going to learn why you will never, ever, ever get rid of any ‘self sabotaging’ aspect of yourself.

Why there is TRULY no bad, wrong, broken or truly ‘harmful’ aspect of you - no matter how much you may be hurting, hindering or holding yourself or others back right now.

You are going to learn why any time you try to get rid of any part of yourself - any self sabotaging behavior, any self sabotaging aspect, any ‘negative’ thing about you - you inevitably end up losing the battle.

You sabotage your attempts to get rid of the parts of you that sabotage you.

You choose plans that you KNOW deep down, you are not going to be able to stick to. You use disciplines that you know you are going to inevitably have to give up. You go round and round - doing the same things over and over again thinking, hoping, praying that THIS time it’s going to work - even thought you know it’s never worked before and is likely never going to work.

You try to stop eating, stop spending, stop choosing partners that abuse you. You try to get rid of your bad habits of drinking, watching too much t.v, creating dramas in your life. You try to get a good job, figure out your money situation, get on a spiritual path - always falling back to how you were before.

You would almost think that you don’t really even WANT to get rid of this part of yourself - even though you ‘think’ you do - the way you ACT makes it look like there is something in you that is REFUSING to let this part go - no matter how hard you try to fight it.

And guess what?

You’re right.

You don’t want to get rid of it. You don’t want to fix it.

Not because you want to stay just how you are forever - oh no, you WANT to grow and change - but you don’t want to do it through cutting any aspect of yourself off.

Today, let’s dive into what is TRULY behind all self sabotage, why you will never get rid of any aspect that is hurting you or others right now, and how to move forward.

This is big.

Strap in.



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