Monday Musings ~ You Are Stuck Because Of Your Limiting And False Beliefs

Hello Beauty!

If you are into spirituality/self help, it is most likely because you are looking to improve your life in some way.

You are looking for the ‘more to life’ the you know inside of you exists.

There is a good chance that you are looking to spirituality or self help as a way of expanding yourself in some way. For tools to help you stop suffering so that you can live a more creative and liberated life.

And this is exactly what your spiritual/self help practices and modalities SHOULD be doing for you.

In todays video, we are going to be discussing the difference between a ‘false belief’ and a ‘limiting belief.’

This is not so that you can add more hypothetical theory to your spiritual jargon repertoire.

This is because in a very real and practical way, the limiting and false beliefs you have about yourself and the world around you are what block you from becoming the powerful, liberated creator you KNOW you are meant to become.

When you understand truly how these two different belief systems manifest, you will be able to recognize them in yourself. When you can do this, you can apply the TOOLS that I will give you in this videos to work WITH these belief systems so as to LIBERATE yourself.

We all have false and limiting beliefs. For all of us they are holding us back from the ‘more’ we know life is supposed to have.

If you can see these patterns in yourself, you can change them - and THAT my friends, is liberation.

So let’s get you liberated, shall we?



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