My Self Love Path ISN’T WORKING!!??

By May 19, 2017Videos

Hi Lovely:

You have been doing your self love meditations like a boss.

You have been exploring your traumas.

You have been looking into all those rejected aspects of yourself, and realizing why you have rejected these parts.

You are starting to dabble in learning to understand your self sabotaging behaviors rather than rejecting them.

You are noticing all the areas that you reject yourself.

And you STILL feel terrible.

You don’t feel like you love yourself any more, you don’t feel like your life is getting better, you still feel like you mostly don’t like who and what you are.

So what gives? Does this stuff not really work? Maybe it just doesn’t work for you? Maybe getting to self love is just not something you will ever achieve in your life?

Maybe there is a ‘next step’ that you need now? Maybe there is some other key that you are missing?

If this is you, I hear you. I feel you. I know exactly what you are going through.

Today I want to help you understand the greater context of this self love journey, so you can stop feeling so discouraged, and so you can commit to this path for the long haul.

This path does work, if you work it.