No, Your Low Vibration Did Not Cause That

By April 15, 2016Videos

Hello Friend.

Alright, today lets get real about some spiritual superstition.

I want to cover a concept that I know is going to push some buttons, that is may make some people upset, that is going to fly in the face of some things many of you out there most likely REALLY want to believe.

I want to take a deep look at this idea of vibration, thought and frequency - and its 'creation' of your reality.

Because it is very common that people believe that if they are sick - that their vibration was low.

That if they lost their job - they were not minding their thoughts.

That if they were broken up with or if they lost money in the stock market or if they stubbed their toe - that it all could have been avoided if they had just fixed their frequency.

Today, I want to suggest that none of this is true. That it is hog wash. That it is a very very rudimentary understanding of a teaching, that is built upon a single flawed premiss.

And that, at the end of the day, it doesn't work. Because it doesn't.

So lets sit back and explore this together. Relax and know if you are offended and don't want to believe me, that is ok. Just listen to the whole thing, then decide.

All my love, always.