Pain Is Part Of This: We Are Not Going To Get Rid Of It

By August 4, 2017Videos

Hi Beauty.

Let’s talk about pain today friends.

The thing so many of us are so afraid of.

The thing so many of us are trying to work to prevent within ourselves and others.

Pain is one of the biggest things we as a human race have built up a resistance too, so much so that getting it’s messages has become near impossible for most.

We judge all pain as being wrong, bad and in need of fixing.

We love to hear spiritual teachers tell us that pain is an ‘illusion’ and that at some point if we become enlightened enough we will stop feeling it.

We have forgotten the whole point of pain, and in so doing - we have caused ourselves to suffer.

So let’s tackle the truth about pain today. Let’s look at its real roots, it real ‘causes’ and let’s explore a new way to approach pain that may help you to reduce your suffering - and ultimately could help reduce the plenary suffering.

Pain is a part of this.

So what are you going to choose to do about it?