Presence + Transcendence? Or Trauma + Denial – Is Eckhart Tolle A ‘Good’ Teacher?

Hello Friend!

Today I want to explore the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. His teachings that centre around being deeply PRSENT in your life, so as to be able to ACCEPT reality for how it is, as a way of transcending suffering. I want to look at Eckhart Tolle as a person as well, as one who deeply seems to embody this transcended peace he talks about in his work - ad whether this is truly a result of him 'accepting reality' or if there is actually more to it.

I want to explore whether he is teaching from transcendence or from trauma.

If his method of connecting with real reality and then working to ACCEPT everything for exactly how it is, a tool for true spiritual enlightenment, or if it's a way of avoiding reality.

If calling yourself into the present moment is truly a way to HEAL or if it's a way of avoiding pain, trauma and a history of realities that were deeply confusing to us.
Today I want to explore all of this. I want to look at  how and where the teachings of Eckhart can be used on our paths towards happier and healthier lives, how I believe Eckhart has found the abiding peace that he deeply seems to embody, why his teachings are so powerful and where they can vet us stuck.
I hope this exploration serves you!

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