R.T.F.L.W.E.18 – The Release Factor: How And When To Use It

By June 7, 2017Videos

Hello My Love

You have done all your goal setting.

All your visualizing.

You have delved into your integration/shadow work.

You have sat in awareness, held yourself back from re-arranging the furniture of your life. You have made true internal shifts that have caused some external movement.

You can feel that you are headed towards the life of your dreams. You can sense that it is coming - but you are not quite there yet.

You feel tired of pushing. Maybe a little discouraged. Stagnated. Like the excitement of the beginning and middle of the journey has worn off now, and all that is left is seeming drudgery.

Perhaps you are feeling like your tools for forward momentum are no longer working like they did. You are not attracting new things as fast as you used to. You are not seeing breakthroughs and integrations like you were previously. Things are different and the old method of moving forward isn’t serving anymore.

With this, you have heard that the next phase of the journey is to ‘let go.’ To release. To trust the flow and stop pushing so hard.

And you are like ‘Errr, what?! How does that make sense? After all this work and time and effort, how could the next step be to relax and surrender?’

I hear you. It sounds totally counter intuitive. It sounds like giving up on your dream. I know you feel tired, but the thought of releasing sounds like giving up right before the finish line.

Today I want to share with you what TRUE release and surrender is all about, so you feel safe enough to do it.

It is not giving up.

It is giving in to the much bigger vision you do’t know you have yet.

Settle in and be prepared to be relieved of your pushing.