R.T.F.L.W.E.22 – Application Of Knowledge Is Key – Too Many Spiritual Practices May Actually Slow Your Progression

By July 12, 2017Videos

Hey there light worker.

I see you. I see your desire to ‘wake up.’

To become aware.

To become the highest version of yourself.

I see the drive you have to do better, be better, feel better. I see how you want to heal your body, your mind, your spirit so that you can live the way you KNOW you are meant to live.

I see your desire to feel better in your body. Your desire to have more peace in your heart. To have clearer relationships. To have a purpose you live every day.

I see you.

With this - have you become a kind of spiritual multi-tasker?

Have you turned your spiritual practices into a routine that is starting to take over your life?

Are you trying to mediate, practice yoga, journal, watch spiritual videos, listen to spiritual podcasts, read enlightening books, go to lectures, go to workshops - to the point where you are starting to lose your days to all this spiritual practice?

In this, are you finding yourself frustrated that with all these practices you are doing, all this information you are taking in, all this work you are putting in - that you STILL feel exactly how you have always felt?

Like you have not really been able to holistically apply what you are taking in and learning - leaving you feeling like you are a spiritual failure of sorts?

Are you feeling like you are having to neglect or check out of the rest of your life in order to facilitate all your practices?

Are you feeling you are a super enlightened, highest version of yourself in your practices, but as soon as you step back out into the ‘real world’ you lose it all?

If so, todays video is going to let you off the hook in a massive way.

You are ready to understand why more is not always better when it comes to spiritual practices, and why cutting back, cutting down, doing less and living more is actually the best approach.

Let this be your last spiritual practice for today 😉


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