R.T.F.L.W.E.28 – You Are Not The CAUSE Of Their Pain – You Are Just Not Denying It With Them

By August 30, 2017Videos

Hey there Light Worker!

Being a light worker is not always all it’s cracked up to be.

We have been told that as light workers that we are here to spread love. To spread light. To spread kindness and compassion.

You have been told that to be in this world and to be a ‘spiritual’ person, that you are here to help others feel GOOD. To feel better. And you want to do this. You want to see the worlds pain end and people living in love and light and harmony.

So you try with all of your might to be gentle. Compassionate. Not stepping on toes and not ticking anyone off.

Until you can’t anymore.

Until you say the thing that shuts someone you are talking too down. Until you point out the elephant in the room. Until you express a different opinion. Until you let your inner truth slip out.

Until you say that exact thing or do the exact thing or ARE the exact thing that makes EVERYONE uncomfortable. That makes others reject you. That makes people tell you that you are making them feel bad.

There is a good chance you totally HATE this part of yourself. It is the part of you that offends everyone and makes others ‘feel bad’ and gets you rejected. It is the part of you that you think is standing in your way of being a really good light worker.

And if you look back, this part of you has been with you your WHOLE life. You have always been this way. Your parents didn’t like it. Your friends and teachers didn’t like it. So you learned to shut it down.

Today, I want to explore this part of you. To open the doors to why this part of you IS your light working tool - not the obstacle to it.

Lets shed some love and light on this shadow, shall we?



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