R.T.F.L.W.E.29: You Don’t Have To Push Your Light Working On Them

By September 6, 2017Videos

Last week we talked about why you are not the cause of other peoples pain - even when it really feels like all you do as a ‘light-worker’ is make people feel uncomfortable.

Now you get when sometimes it really FEELS - to you and to those around you - like you are making pain happen - and why that is really just you not being in a state of denial with others.

Today, I want to explore why you can’t be OK with shadow, and why this may not be your most ultimate expression.

Because the truth is - many of us light workers are also experiencing our own version of the shadow that is manifesting in human consciousness right now.

You get that most are addicted to numbing out and shutting themselves off/down. The impetus to run and hide from shadow is the most common reaction to trauma and pain on our planet right now. The scariest thing for most people is the exposure of shadow.

For light workers, we tend to express the mirror image of this. We are so afraid of NOT exposing the shadow that when we feel the shadow in others and they are not ready to look at it, this can send US into a state of lock down and fear - into fight or flight.

We get so uncomfortable with shadow, that it literally sends us into a kind of tailspin of our own.

Today, let’s tackle this paradox of becoming the light-worker who is totally cool with shadow, so that you can be in this world that is awakening but not awake, and still feel like you are safe and that you belong.