R.T.F.L.W.E.31 – No, You Are Not Adding To The Darkness In The World By Being With Your Negative Aspects.

By September 20, 2017Videos

Hello Light One!

The world is not the brightest, most sunshiny place in the galaxy right now.

In fact, you may be looking around and seeing pretty well nothing but darkness, hate, violence and anger.

You may feel like this world, at this time, needs all the love and light it can get.

Perhaps with this observation, you feel like it is your job to bring that love and light. That it is your responsibility to be a source of peace, compassion, understanding and levity for the world at large.

Which is all well and good - until you feel some of that same darkness you see in the world start to rise up within you.

Through your endeavor to be the light you perceive this world is in such need of, you may have developed a deep fear, a deep resistance, a deep desire to run from and get rid of or ‘transmute’ any and all of your own negative emotions/thoughts/feelings - for fear that if you don’t, you are simply adding to the darkness in the world.

You may have been taught through other schools of thought that to sit with your negative emotions, to indulge your own negative thoughts, to be with your anger, rage, resentment, sadness, frustration and so on is to be just like those you are trying to counteract. Perhaps you also believe that you are going to attract even more negative things into your own life if you acknowledge these darker aspects of yourself.

Meaning any time you feel any of these things, you feel a deep sense of guilt and fear, and do everything in your power to shift your state.

If this is you, I hope to offer you another perspective today that will help you to feel more comfortable with the darkness - both in the world and in yourself. Let’s explore this darkness for what it really is, and what it truly means to bring light.

You are worthy of being able to embrace all aspects of yourself.